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Best deal in the Easter Shop

by - Apr 19, 2015 Star_s295 views

I just had a good look at what was available in the featured Easter Shop. The best deal seems to be the colorful Easter Eggs for 10,000 coins. It will put 160 prestige on the one square, which is better than the standard pagoda (100prestige/sq). Plus, the egg will be mature in just 24hr. I wish I knew how long the featured shop will be available to us.

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- Apr 29, 2015

Are you sure? I thought all those things take up 4 spaces. So that is only 40 prestige per square. While the egg is 160 prestige per square.

Definitely the Cherry Blossom and Violet Gazebo are 4 spaces. I bought several of those before I wised up and better options became available. After all, your most limited resource is not coins, but space on the island.

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