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What is the trick to high score on Captain's Challenge

by - Feb 18, 2015 Star_s31,747 views

A friend of mine is consistently scoring over 1,020,000 in the Captain's Challenge. She said that if you pick up the items in a certain order, then points are increased. She won't tell me the order though. Anyone know the trick to a higher score (besides accuracy and time spent, obviously)?

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- May 06, 2015

Since this thread appeared, I took it as a personal challenge to get over 1,000,000. I've been pretty successful, but it is hard. It helps if the scene is one I've already unlocked, so I can practice and memorize everything without costing tickets. Looking over the tagged scene on this site is very helpful. I do go by list order, and try to read all three items at once (so my eyes don't need to go back and forth from the list to the scene). Good luck.

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