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Fairplay Family Farm neighbors

by M Wm Mierkey - Sep 18, 2012 Star_s1,705 views

Family Farm Group

So many players are in need of a site where neighbors can meet and ask questions,request additional neighbors. There is a Family Farm group I am a member of, where you can post fertilzing needed; and other things.

We have a group with with well over 900 members that have all these things in mind, most of which are eager to lend others a helping hand.-- :{) There is lots of useful hints and information about your machines and production as well. Come join the fun!

If you play family farm on Facebook and you have a profile picture (this is just one of MY prerequirements to join) we would love to have you join. a profile picture is a must though it does not have to be a personal one any will suffice.

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GJ McGinnis - May 17, 2015

We have a smaller group (about 225 members and growing) but it has only excellent members who have been screened to ensure they actively play. It is called Family Farm Co-Op. Submit a request to join if you wish! Our only rule is "No drama"! :-)

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