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Earn free coins and diamonds, get more votes and free shoppings on star girl ^^

by Cho Kyaw - Jun 11, 2015 Star_s1,582 views

Here's some sort of star girl cheats...

Go to 4shared and search "star girl"

Download "star girl v.3.1 mod.apk"...

Install it and you'll see amazing amounts of coins and diamonds...

Save data and back up on your original star girl version... (But notice that your current level will be lost but don't worry... The diamonds will help you to level up again faster...) :)

Hope you enjoy and hope it works for you. :D

Please add my id 36ZEN4... please like and vote... I'll do the same for you... <3

And add ESZN87 too... :)

Thanks for reading ^^

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SPE RPROO - Jun 17, 2015

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