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Instructions for Playing

by Dianne Fox - Jun 22, 2015 Star_s34,127 views

Is there a site that will explain the various facets of this game; i.e., collections, etc. I enjoy playing but think I am missing a lot. Thank you!

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Ms. Tearius - Jun 22, 2015

No site that I know of, but here are some tips I would give new players:
1. Buy buildings and upgrade them ASAP.
2. Save your coins to buy high-prestige (highest amount of prestige per square not per item) decor or you will run out of space later on.
3. You will need at least 3 playing Facebook friends to travel to future chapters for free (otherwise it'll cost you 5 cash for each missing crew member). But be aware, the more friends you have, the harder it is to compete for top prizes in the Captain's Challenge.
4. Save your cash! Later when it takes 5 days for decor to mature, you'll need them.
5. Visit you friends' islands for coins daily.
6. When Edwin and Vincent's Collections open to you, you can ask for one delivery daily, which I usually select the green-background (left side) items. You can ask 3 friends to help you get blue background (right side) items, but be sure only one friend box is selected; otherwise you'll be asking 3 friends for the same item, but you can only receive one.
7. You can continue to claim prizes from Vincent&Ediwin’s Collections beyond the three noted, but they won't count toward the statue. If you want to collect all the statues and are having difficulty with the last few collections, don't claim all the prizes, yet, until all the items have accumulated.
8. You can find more friends by clicking the "ADD.ME" tab above. Go to their FB site and click "ADD FRIEND." Once they confirm, their island should appear in your game.
9. Visit the official Facebook page "Pearl's Peril app page" to get additional prizes every few days, but beware of spam and lookalikes. Only prizes from the developer Wooga, recognized by starting with, are authentic.
10. Pearl's Peril is a free-to-play (FTP) game. At some point it will slow WAY down and you will have to decide whether to spend real money to speed things up, be super patient (it is possible to get to the end without spending), or quit playing. That is the company's operating strategy, and there is no point complaining about it.

Lastly, I just want to welcome new players to the game. Pearl’s Peril is the best FTP game I’ve played. There are loads of content (90 chapters with 6 scenes each), interesting characters and compelling story, an island to decorate, high-score challenges twice a week, and special events about twice a month (i.e. seasonal shops, special collections for prizes, sales). Their moderator on FB has been pretty responsive. Their official forum is located at But this site is my favorite, especially the tagged scenes put together by all the helpful players.

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