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Instructions for Playing

by Dianne Fox - Jun 22, 2015 Star_s34,126 views

Is there a site that will explain the various facets of this game; i.e., collections, etc. I enjoy playing but think I am missing a lot. Thank you!

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Ms. Tearius - Sep 08, 2015

Another common question is how to add friends to the game. These are instructions are based on PC play, but I think iPad/iPhone is similar.

To add friends to the game, you have to add players to your Facebook friend list through Facebook. This cannot be done within the game. On this GamersUnite website, you'll find a list of people looking for new friends on the tab above labeled "ADD_ME". Also the official PP Facebook page has a lot of people searching for new PP friends:

Scroll over their name/icon and select "Add Friend." Once they confirm, you should see their islands appear at the bottom of your game. It helps if you let them know you are a PP player, looking to be friends. Some people will have set their FB settings, such that you will not see the "Add Friend" button, in which case you'll have to send a FB message and ask them to friend you, instead.

If they become your FB friends, but they still aren't appearing in the game, then try removing the game from your FB page and reinstall it from You will not lose your progress.

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