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I cannot post certain items. what's wrong?

by Natalia Dewi - Oct 07, 2015 Star_s99 views

Everyone, help me please.

I cannot post some items (boar bristle and yeast) into my wall. (that's so I cannot get the link to be exchange in this website) it's been days. so I cannot finish some job from kitten adoption.

and now - in 'the farm life' task, i need yeast. but i just cant post it in my wall.

I searched yeast and boar bristle in Link exchange also. but it never appeared (which is impossible since I've tried so many times)

when i try to post those 2 items on my wall - It says 'something error'.

but i still can post other items like baby bottle or other things that i need except this 2.

can someone help me please? thanks in advance

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Kristine Warne - Oct 08, 2015

Yep, same for me, been trying for days with the yeast and just doesn't post

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