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by Dianne Fox - Jun 22, 2015 Star_s34,126 views

Is there a site that will explain the various facets of this game; i.e., collections, etc. I enjoy playing but think I am missing a lot. Thank you!

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Ms. Tearius - Oct 12, 2015

I’ve been studying the seasonal events where one collects items/point for prizes. They are called different names each time (i.e. St. Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day, Summer Solstice, Aviation Day, Let's Go Camping etc.) Since May 2015, events have occurred twice a month. Each time there are 4 items that can be found by playing scenes: a 10-point item (appears most often ~66% of the time), a 25-point (~21%), a 50-point (~8%), and a 100-point (~5%). Points accumulate during the length of the event, which can be 4 or 5 days long.

Here are a list of the points needed and their prizes:
Prize 1: 1050 points earns 200 coins
Prize 2: 4600 points earns 10 energy
Prize 3: 8350 points earns 10 energy and 150 coins
Prize 4: 12900 points earns 500 coins, 5 energy, and 5 cash
Prize 5: 18900 points 1 hour of unlimited play (freeplay)

I have averaged 55 points per scene, which means one has to play about 340 times to get the fifth prize. Some people do it by having many friends who can give energy, and some just play as often as they can. Saving energy from the Edwin/Vincent/Iris’s collections is useful, too. Even spending tickets in the Captain’s Challenge to get extra energy can help.

Once you earn the grand prize, the hour of freeplay, it’s best to save it for the next event, so you can earn another freeplay hour, in addition to getting the usual earnings associated with playing scenes. If you repeat this, you should have little trouble getting the grand prize every time.

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