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Watch for Cheats on the State Fair

by Jan Bledsoe DeLaval - May 16, 2015 Star_s10,701 views

I'm trying to play fair here but when the first place person has over 65,000 points in the first few hours of play and has now DOUBLED that amount, there is no winning! Even with buying the 3x shovel, you couldn't get that many points in a week much less a day.

Reported the person to Zynga and they have done NOTHING about it of course. I guess I will just continue making sure I get my minimum if this is how the quest is going to be played. Very disappointed.

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Ingrid Mayes - Dec 31, 2015

Not all of them are cheaters. I have atm 20K points because I have 24h hungry anumals and the 3x shovel, i have prized 50+ animals for all my hungry ones. I won the shovel from the state fair last week, and the hungry certificte from the rank thing. So, it's not fair u call ppl cheaters just cause they know what can help them get points.

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