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Beehives, we need more chicken coops or change the gifts in the eggs

by Debbie Nichols - Jul 13, 2010 Star_s2,270 views

What is with the bee hive when alot of us need more room for all the chickens we get in our mystery eggs?!  My chicken coop is expanded as far as it will go and I have had to sell some chickens cause I don't have the room for them.  We are able to get more dairy barns why can't we get more chicken coops.  If you have ever seen a chicken farm there is more than 1 chicken coop.  If we can't get another chicken coop then they need to not give chickens in the mystery eggs.

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Patricia April - Jul 14, 2010

I would like to be able to expand my coop as well. It might make sense for them to try to have a collection of types of chickens needed to expand the coop since most of the eggs have various types of chickens. I'm a bit tired with the Tuscan wedding tent as well. The beehive is a cute idea. I had to go searching for new neighbors...people I don't even know so that I could expand my ability to get the items to try to build the hive. Half of the people on my wall I don't know who they are.... all for the games!

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