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Tired of people pulling their posts out of the feed and posting them as links

by Kathy Howard Bland - Jul 14, 2010 Star_s2,982 views

It seems some players have decided that it is more "fair" to post their calves, ponies, etc as links rather than the normal FV feed post.  Supposedly this is done to prevent "snagging" however, FB puts all the FV feed items together and GU puts them all together to make it easy to find them all in one place.  Now I can't find their posts because they are buried in all the other flotsam & jetsam that is the FB feed.  And it's not like I'm not contributing since I breed rares too but I post my to the feed as FV intended.
So, I have decided that whenever one of my neighbors starts posting this way, I am going to remove them.  I don't need neighbors who make it harder for me to enjoy the game.  I've already kicked 3.

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I, personally, don't post straight to my feed if I have a foal or calf I want to share with my friends; I make the post only visible to me (so no one can snag, no one can click but me, basically); then I copy the URL for my friends, share with who I want, then--and only if there's more "clicks" left to the link--I'll post it to a group as a link. I got most of my foals, not from the snag bar, but from skulking around on the feeds of rare collection groups. Your neighbors aren't trying to make it harder for you, they're just playing the way they see it fit to.

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