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New Collection LIGHTNING / GEMS Limited Time Only - *GIFT LINKS HERE*

by Dwayne Munkee - Jul 16, 2010 Star_s29,917 views

Use these links to gift the 3 common ones
The others are not giftable and have to be found in your feed or while your seeding your plots.
Need 10 of each of the common ones.
btw Z just did an update so like what happened with the piglets these might not be giftable/sendable for much longer

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Tony Hull - Jul 17, 2010

This is what Zynga had to say about the Lighning Collections as of (7/15/2010)

"Howdy folks,

The Lightning Collections were supposed to go live today as a preview to let you know it was coming. The full "ON" switch was accidentally pushed instead of the "Preview" switch, and then quickly turned off after the update went live.

So some of you did indeed see what you saw, or find what you found - but the feature isn't actually on right now. It will be just as soon as it's ready.

When it does go live we will let you know, but I wanted to prevent people from wondering why they don't see it now. Whoops!"

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