Wild Ones

There's a lonely puppy waiting for you. Teach him how to throw a grenade!


Ok here r some skills dat u guz mite know or already know or somethin

by Anthony Yang - Jul 16, 2010 Star_s444 views

When ur under somethin like in the sink or swim, use grappling hook, go up, teleport up full power, if u have to do dat again then do it. Use rabbit and jump to the side of the screen to slowly go down down down and then shoot, dat works at timez, Telport or use a rabbit to jump up then shoot somethin at yo opponent. Bat, fly then shoot or drop somethin on the opponent then fly away. Not sure about the hamster. Neva had a hamster. Also, u could say I have infinite or 50 chainsaws or miniguns to ur opponent. If they want to know, just tell them to press Ctrl+w. Ctrl+w will close there window then it would be easier to win.

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Chrissy Dash Isms - Jul 19, 2010

I DESPISE u morons who say hit ctrl w...grow up and dont under-estimate someone's intelligence just because you have none.

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