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What will you do when Facebook forces emails on you?

by Viet Tran - Apr 10, 2010 Star_s1,053 views

It's coming... I'm talking about the day Facebook and Zynga forces everyone to use their personal email accounts to be able to accept bonuses/items instead of the wall feed. Yes, that means no more auto scripts(snag bar).I personally do not have this site's snag bar installed but would like to know everyone's thoughts and comments about this issue that is about to happen soon and I say soon because it seems like all the games and apps on Facebook have been dishing out more and more warnings and asking for your email address.

My opinion:

First off I don't think it's right for them to force this upon us, making us submit our PERSONAL email address making us play any games this way. There are several reasons why I think it's wrong, I like many others don't want wade through the flood of notices we will get in our inboxes. It will most likely take longer to accept gifts and bonuses. I thought the whole reason for these "social networking games" was being able to jump right in and get some quick gaming and the social aspect? I heard some say they will quit playing the day these changes take effect. Not very sociable if you ask me.

I believe Facebook is having server issues with so much data traffic from these games that their servers can't simply handle it.I know I'm going to make some people upset with the next line I'm about to type but I also believe the reason why they're going to do is because all the automating scripts being used for all these games.I'm not here judging the use of scripts but just giving a highly possible reason why these changes may come.So then the traffic now gets directed to everyone's email servers? What happens when those email servers get fed up with the traffic? I can see some email service providers blocking gaming traffic emails and then what after that?

The Solution?:
Zynga does realize this is an issue. In fact I have read they recently held a closed survey asking people if they would be interested in an all in one site where you could play all their games and make it easier to accept bonuses and gifts.I don't know why they even did the survey since to me it's a no brainer! Just cut ties with Facebook and make the site already. They wouldn't have to worry about compatibility issues( have you noticed how many times "issues" have affected your games?!), paying Facebook for ads and conforming to Facebook rules and regulations.Zynga has enough resources both financially and human to make their own networking site happen. Zynga ditch have over 80 million people playing your games!!!

SO in conclusion, what will you do when they stop all the game feeds and make you use your email inbox?

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Mike Keziah - Apr 11, 2010

I set up an email addy just for facebook. I will probably stop is already a pain to have to go to email to check who commented on posts and updates...I too have met people from all over the world using fv and fb...really nice to get a first hand impression of other cultures and see that we are all rather similar...same hopes, desires and needs. Always sorta knew that but "talking" with them and I mean from all countries, has really made me more aware

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