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Question: only collecting coins- no building material

by Marsha Boles - Sep 29, 2014 Star_s21,716 views

Apparently I am locked out on bricks, hammers and wood. Only collecting coins last 3-4 badges (30-40 plays). How long will this continue? (Getting discouraged.) Can't buy building, finish 2 constructions or open new field. Need compasses to continue. Shoud have expected something screwy when got 2 compasses in one play. I do have a log where I collected glass, pearls, and terra cotta, but on this forum UnAg said prizes were random making my log useless. Sooo... you are going to say - keep playing. (Right?)
POST NOTE: Thanks UnAg ---
The universe has ears - 2 plays later got 1 terra cotta. (Old principle embodied that cursing actualy does help find you keys.) Still needing compasses!

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Jennifer Lang - Aug 19, 2017

I have 0 everything in buiding supplies. Why is the game not giving me more? I cant build my tajmahal.

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