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just needing a few questions answered

by Sean Mosley - Aug 31, 2017 Star_s113 views

I'm very new to Chumba, but i like it, but i'm also very UNtech saavy. What is it that some1 can trade for sweeps? i see the posts with ppl willing to trade or whatever for sweeps but what is it do we trade? Is it just like a good discount deal? Which would be awesome. And i'd be willing to do a trade for sweeps. I'm just curious and interested. If any1 out there doesn't mind helping me just get a couple questions answered that'd be awesome. Thank yall

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soumya ray - Sep 01, 2017

They are trading links (url....or actual website address) where they received an offer from the casino. They differ in terms some are $100 free some are $50, yet some are buy 5 and get 15. People received these maybe it was there birthday.maybe they won a contest on Facebook etc.

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