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How to master each scene

by Christina Davis - Sep 05, 2017 Star_s208 views

On each scene from level 1-16 I would find each item and get all the prestige points until they were all filled up and then it would say "Scene Mastered". Then on level 17 of the 3Rd scene I did the same thing but it didn't say scene mastered. My question is how do you master a scene? I've completed everything and now I'm on level 26 but only some of them say mastered. I play on my IPad app so have I missed something on the non mastered scenes?

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Beth Burch - Sep 13, 2017

Sometimes it looks like all badges are completely filled. Try playing the scene one more time. I just play until I get the "scene mastered" message, ignoring how complete the badge appears.

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