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Link Exchange FAQ

by Amy Wong - Oct 31, 2012 Star_s199,055 views

Update: 5/18/2015: We are very sorry to say we are no longer able to continue supporting the Snag Bar. Thank you for all your support and you can read more details here.

What is Link Exchange?

Link Exchange allows you to post your links from your Facebook Wall for people who are not your Facebook friends to click and help. It's a great way to finish your quests or missions really fast or if you don't have enough friends that play the same game!

What types of reward posts can I share?

You can share almost every reward post you make to your Facebook Wall. Link Exchange will automatically display those posts that are considered "helpful." These are usually posts where both the person posting the link and the person clicking the link get the item. Once you have shared those, you can then click the "show your non-helpful posts" link to display and share those if you so desire. These posts will not give you anything when they are clicked on but may be useful to others using the Link Exchange.

Why isn't the Link Exchange seeing my reward posts?

There are two main reasons. The first is that you are playing on and Facebook are now two completely separate platforms. While you can play your games on either platforms and can switch back and forth, reward posts and gift requests made while on DO NOT POST to your Facebook Wall. Because they don't post to your Facebook Wall, there is nothing for the Link Exchange to see.

The other main reason is that Facebook is having issues. When you visit our Link Exchange, we send a request to Facebook to tell us everything you have posted to your Wall for that game. If Facebook doesn't properly return that request in a timely manner, then our Link Exchange will not be able to display anything.

How come many links are expired or says "too late?"

Each game sets it so their reward posts are usually only good for only a certain number of clicks. So if the person who posted the link already had help from their own friends, the link may no longer be available. So even if it says "0" clicks on our site, that doesn't mean the link has never been clicked. A good rule of thumb is to always look for the newest links with the lowest clicks.

You can help us keep the Link Exchange clean of expired links. When you click on a link and the game gives you a message stating that the link has expired, click the "Expired" button on the post. After two or three people have stated that a link is expired, our system will remove the post from our list so no one else will waste their time clicking it.

Good luck!

How come I get a message "You collected too many" or "You reached your limit?"

Some of the games have daily collection limits which usually gets reset every 12 or 24 hours. Some of the games even have certain limits per item. So if you reached the limit, you'll get that message when you click on the links. Remember, GU! doesn't make these limits. Each game makes their own.

My posts were 'clicked' x times, but I'm not getting any in game?

Many games limit the items you can get from one link. Let's say you needed 7 Chisels in a quest in Castleville, so you "post a request on your wall." Well, guess what: that link is only good for 4 chisels. You need to wait until you are allowed to post another request on your wall to get more.

Many people think, "Hey, I need 3 more people to click on the link!" and post it to the Link Exchange. You then see that 11 people "clicked" on your link. Unfortunately, none of them received the item, nor did you, because the link already expired.

We can only track how many people actually "clicked" on your link and it doesn't necessarily correspond to how many items you actually "received." But it's just one way to know if anybody actually clicked on your link so in case your link was still good, you'll know that you got the maximum help already for that link.

NOTE: In very, very, very, very rare cases, it is possible for your link to have rewards left in it to give yet you don't get them. Unfortunately, that is an issue you will need to take up with the support people for the game you are collecting for. As stated above, we can only track how many people actually "clicked" on your link. We cannot tell if the link is valid or, if it is, if the game actually gave you that item.

What new features are you working on?

  • All of your helpful posts are selected as default, instead of clicking one by one. (released 10/25/12)
  • Auto-refresh page to show new posts (released 11/8/12)
  • Ability to post non-helpful links without copy/pasting links (released 11/8/12)
  • Ability to expire your own links (maybe)

Where do I leave feedback?

Why yes, please leave it on this thread as a reply! :)

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- Sep 15, 2017

Something is wrong with the link address on facebook. I can no longer manually post. Could someone let me know if this is worked on. the link is not valid.

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