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*N*E*W* 7/19/2010... Less Lag Method to farming!

by Robert Sheren - Jul 19, 2010 Star_s7,367 views

ok, first of all... there IS such a thing called the speed bar. if you want to learn more about it, google it. keywords: farmer brown speed bar
but that is not what i called you here to see...
i have been playing a good long while now, and i noticed that the more stuff i put on my farm, the longer it takes to load...

i also noticed that my browser is constantly telling me that it is trying to go to a website to pull information to load my farm....

i deceded to open a new tab and go to that website. (i dont know why)
upon visiting the website, it tells me: Your session has expired please refresh the page.

i shrugged my shoulders at it and closed the tab and went back to my farming... only to notice that EVERYTHING, despite having had my whole farm loaded "no speedbar", was going WAY faster! the curser was moving faster. the gift box opened faster. the collections page loaded faster. the storage barns and animal barns loaded faster! it was CRAZY! i thought it was a fluke.
... ya, it had to be a fluke. well, i tried it again this morning... load farm normally with all the stuff on it "no speedbar usage" and sure enough, the curser glitches around alot, making it hard to tell where you are placing new items... the gift box was laggy and slow... the whole nine yards!
i decided, what the hay! ill try it out... because what if... what if it worked!
i loaded it up in a new tab again...
and sure enough, the lag went away! i am guessing that when this link shows up at the bottom left hand corner of your browser and it says that farmville is transferring data and then it goes away and then it comes back and then it goes away and then it comes back... that if you just KEEP the connection open to that website, it might make it go a bit quicker. now, each time i try to do this, i keep the tab open instead of closing it after i load it up.
i have gotten one other gamers unite member to try it and he said that he is experiencing way less lag with this little trick. i wanted to poll more of my friends and get their opinions on it before posting it here, but i also didnt want any of them beating me to the forums with my own idea!
hopefully this is helpful, if not VERY helpful, then possibly mildly helpful to any and all of you!
thanks for reading!

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Joan Marie Hyde - Jul 20, 2010

Thank you so much! I did what you said and everything was faster and smoother! You guys are the greatest!

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