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I'm new to Cafeland and here is my problem that I have.

by Jessica Patti - Mar 04, 2013 Star_s1,344 views

I play Cafeland through facebook and the problem is i'm looking for neighbors and when i come on here to add these strangers to my facebook friends list, i got a warning from the creators of facebook telling me that i'm sending friend requests to people who i don't know and i can be blocked for this if i continue to do this.

I don't want to be blocked BUT the problem is I need neighbors in order to play this game.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me on how I can add people without risking getting blocked from facebook?

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temeka liles - Jun 26, 2018

Cafeland is a really outstanding game. Managing your own cafe to satisfy a customer is the main goal of this game. Meanwhile, they are satisfied with your service, your cafe would be bigger too. However, there is some problem with this game where you will run your cafe with a limited cash. Do you know that some people use Cafeland hack to manage theirs?


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