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simple trick for plowing,harvesting,seeding 100% works

by Mohammad Sh Abdullah - Jul 24, 2010 Star_s1,927 views

 simple trick for plowing,harvesting,seeding 100% works
simply turn on your NUM lock
and press this keyboard sortcut
shift+ALT+NUM lock
by pressing 5 on the number pad it will click on the computer screen and ....
open your farm , move the cusor ont the plots and press 5 on your number pad
you can do clicks more faster than the mouse .... and when we click with mouse fastly it moves down our farm........but this trick doesnot do that......

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Mike Knapik - Jul 24, 2010

Nice one mohammed im definitly going to use this method lol! terry did you even try? lol stop being a dick and actually try because it does work. stupid douche

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