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How to contact Farmville/Zinga Customer Support..........

by Virginia Oettli - Apr 10, 2011 Star_s4,496 views

Go to your farm and after it completely loads, scroll down to the bottom of your screen and click on "" SUPPORT "".  Another page will open. DO NOT PUT ANYTHING IN THE SEARCH BAR.... Just scroll down to the bottom of the FAQ's and click on  "" SEE MORE "".  Then scroll down through the FAQ's until you see this link,  """ Contacting Customer Service about Farmville - Helpful Information.......    This link will be or should be on the first page but if its not, then continue on to the next page. It is there. Click on the link. It will open a new page. You will find Live Chat Support on the top right of your screen.  I just got done talking to them and I am not a paying customer. Please remember to be polite and courteous as they deserve to be shown respect.  Thank You and Good Luck.. :)

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adrian Brody - Mar 28, 2019

well you can always call them they got a number to call for support +1 8OO_648_1620 this might do the trick

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