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Nursery Barns are here! and work like stables and maisons...

by Darleene Tex Watkins - Apr 16, 2010 Star_s1,654 views

you gotta get 10 of each of several items to complete. Am headed for Zynga site for more info...

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Viet Tran - Apr 16, 2010

I completely agree with Anthony's comments below, they basically have "repackaged" many components of the game heavily with recent updates.I too grow tired of collecting X amount of this and that just to build something that really in the end isn't worth all the effort. I wish they would focus more on QUALITY than on quantity.I know it's nice to have fresh content every week but what good is it when it's the same concept repeating itself over and over? The developers need more inspiration and ideas on making the replay value higher instead of dishing crazy themed items every week to make some profit.People will only keep coming back to buy that stuff till their pockets run dry then what? Good games bring in the masses but GREAT GAMES keeps them.

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