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Complete List of All Cards from the Gnarly Machine & Prize Cards

by Lance Lot - Sep 07, 2015 Star_s36,684 views

First of all, if you aren't yet familiar with the new cards for Trivia Crack, I've posted a guide here.

In addition, here is a link to the list of all the cards from the Whimsical Machine.


605 Gems later and I have finally collected all the cards from the Gnarly Machine!

Here is the breakdown:

121 Total Cards (35 Unique Cards)

3 Black Cards (all unique)
30 Gold Cards (10 unique)
44 Aqua Cards (11 unique)
44 Common Cards (11 unique)

In addition, collecting these cards will unlock 7 Prize Cards, one for each series of 5 cards completed.

So here is the complete collection:

Here are the 7 individual Prize Cards:

And here are the very rare Black Cards:

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