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New Collection LIGHTNING / GEMS Limited Time Only - *GIFT LINKS HERE*

by Dwayne Munkee - Jul 16, 2010 Star_s29,917 views

Use these links to gift the 3 common ones
The others are not giftable and have to be found in your feed or while your seeding your plots.
Need 10 of each of the common ones.
btw Z just did an update so like what happened with the piglets these might not be giftable/sendable for much longer

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Kris Galgerud Terrell - Jul 27, 2010

Bradley Farmer: The diamonds r found when u plant certain things. For instance, I found 1 yesterday when planting a crop w/the bee sign over it, and found another when harvesting a crop 4 my Spa(aloe vera!)

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