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Zepeto Mod Apk Unlimited Coins

by david look - Jan 24, 2019 Star_s72 views

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he same is true in the field of games. After "ZEPETO Hack" created the forerunner of the dead heroine, countless domestic games began to imitate. Anyway, if anything happens, the heroine will die. This "fine" tradition has been passed down to "The Legend of the Fairy Sword and the Legend of the Legend of the Legend of the Chivalrous Swordsman After that, the players began to appeal for change. They didn't want to see every domestic game end up with a dead protagonist like this. So Gujian Qitan 2 saw the players'voice and demand. Although the ending was not round, none of the four protagonists died, and some changes were made.

So the ending of "ZEPETO" is too dull. It's actually a kind of following the crowd view. It's a blindfold view of Mount Tai. It only sees the ending, but it doesn't see the deep meaning of this seemingly conventional ending. Similarly, it's a piece of game makers who can't understand the cruel ending of "American Doomsday". Painstaking.

If we carefully recall the process of the game, the various things the protagonist has experienced in the game and the various characters he has encountered, and combine the protagonist's personality, we will know that the outcome can only be designed like this. Mr. Jin Yong has a good saying that when he has designed the characters and personalities, he says that he has designed the characters and personalities himself. The character's direction is not under his control, because when everything happens, the character's personality and reaction must follow that direction. If the character does not experience sudden personality change, it is obviously unreasonable, and the reader can not accept it.

Similarly, Joel and Ellie, the protagonists of The End of America, saw too much selfishness and indifference, too much killing and the loss of human nature in the game. Such an extremely degenerate world is no longer worth Joel's rescue. Judging from Joel's personality and his experience in the game, he made this choice. Instead, it is a necessary choice. After all, he has already suffered the loss of his daughter, and has met so many selfish people. For him, saving a group of selfish people is meaningless, let alone sacrificing Ali to save these selfish people. From his point of view and position, he naturally chose to protect Ali.

In addition, this kind of plot design of abandoning the whole world for one person has not appeared in the past games. For example, in the famous sword series of guardians of the past, the protagonist, in order to protect the beloved woman, will not hesitate to make enemies with the whole world, abandon the whole world, and dare to bear the consequences of the endless plunder. The images of these characters were quite novel at that time.

Cheating ZEPETO has a similar approach. In order to protect Qiya, he is willing to give up the practice of saving the world and reversing the past. This plot design has also caused a great disturbance. However, Royd's character is too perfect and flawless, but it seems impersonal, like a hypocrite. And Joel in "The End of America" has many obvious defects, but this makes it seem true and credible, and it is reasonable to make such a choice in the end.

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