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How do you get another oyster bed??

by Laura Hinrichs - Jul 16, 2010 Star_s707 views

I have alot of oysters in my gift box but already have one oyster bed - It says something about getting an oyster bed as a gift but I havent seen one does anyone know anything about this?

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Zoe Witchfinder - Jul 31, 2010

You do not need to get rid of extra oysters.
When you have harvested your oyster bed, replace the 'spent' oysters with the ones you have in your gift box.
Obviousley do not replace a black, blue or gold oyster with a white one. The oysters go up in stages and value, the more value, the better the gift inside.
White is the least value.
Black has more value than white
Blue has more value than black or white
and Gold is top if the tree and has more value than the rest!

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