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Gift links for the Nursery for Calves and Foals

by Amy Wong - Apr 16, 2010 Star_s104,672 views

These are the links that allow you to send gifts to others. We'll be adding these to the 'Get Gifts' page soon so you can request them!


Update 1: Nursery gift links have been added to gift page. Just click GET GIFTS tab above this post.

Update 2: Nursery feed sharing items have been added Snag Bar preferences. Be sure to check it if you need materials.

Update 3 (4/17 @ 6:24 PDT) by Bebe. Comments made by Alan Attebery:
FarmVille doesn't give us the ability to send items to people who we are not friends with. We would have to friend you, wait up to 24 - 48 hours, and then send you the item.

If you need an item, click on the Get Gifts button at the top of this page. Towards the bottom you will find all the Nursery items listed. For each item you need, click on either the "Post to Wall" or "Ask Friends" button. I recommend you use the "Post to Wall" option. Once you have posted it to your wall, come back and post to wall the next item you need. This is the fastest way to get the items you need.

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Russell S Puel - Aug 05, 2010

To Gloria...Hey Woman, I just had a look at your farm, and I'm wondering how the he*l did you get so many critters? Your farm is like a big, furry blanket. Keep at it, and you're going to have to use all of your crop space for your livestock. By the way, I hear that Zynga is going to allow only TWO nusery barns. They weren't going to allow even that many, but some staff member put in a plea for the gamers, and they decided to go ahead and all ONE additional nursery. The others are just going to be randomly deleted,,, at Zynga's discretion. I'm glad you still have only the one nursery. I know you'd really hate to loose you rcalves and foals. I read a post here by one Dude - Darren Walton - who has five nurseries and is working on number 6. Not a bright idea, Darren. I can understand why you would need a lot of nurseries, but Zynga is just going to zap all that you've built, and you stand to loose all those cool little baby calves and foals you keep in those nurseries. Better get rid of them while YOU can choose which ones go and which ones stay. And, as for YOU, Woman of mine, did you get a pregnant pig yet? I had one when I logged in today. It belonged to a neighbor, so I sent him a message to come get it. You've only got the one piglet, I see. How did you find it? They aren't for sale are they/

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