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Gift links for the Nursery for Calves and Foals

by Amy Wong - Apr 16, 2010 Star_s104,671 views

These are the links that allow you to send gifts to others. We'll be adding these to the 'Get Gifts' page soon so you can request them!


Update 1: Nursery gift links have been added to gift page. Just click GET GIFTS tab above this post.

Update 2: Nursery feed sharing items have been added Snag Bar preferences. Be sure to check it if you need materials.

Update 3 (4/17 @ 6:24 PDT) by Bebe. Comments made by Alan Attebery:
FarmVille doesn't give us the ability to send items to people who we are not friends with. We would have to friend you, wait up to 24 - 48 hours, and then send you the item.

If you need an item, click on the Get Gifts button at the top of this page. Towards the bottom you will find all the Nursery items listed. For each item you need, click on either the "Post to Wall" or "Ask Friends" button. I recommend you use the "Post to Wall" option. Once you have posted it to your wall, come back and post to wall the next item you need. This is the fastest way to get the items you need.

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Guillermo Kelly - Aug 06, 2010

@Russel Fuel
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At least that for the new and freshly place out games, if you want to play them, but you're no paris hilton nor anything near, nothing will happen to you if wait for the eventual price drop of the software. . .
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Name it torrent files, gnutella network or even FTP . . . There's a lot of options out there. . .
I think mine post got misunderstood on its essence, mainly for the redaction i used in it.
What i hoped to accomplish with this post was to make some "understanding" of the situation Zynga's got and maintaining with its "bestseller" Farmville.

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