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Tuscan Wedding Event Information

by Nathan Hall - May 29, 2010 Star_s119,418 views

"Nonna needs help throwing her granddaughter an amazing wedding! If you can find her ingredients, your favor will increase, which you can use to get all new Tuscan items! Find the ingredients from gifts, or around your farm. Olives can be found from harvesting Olive Trees, Truffles from Pigs, Goat Milk from Goats, and Eggs from chickens!"

*Requires 4 of each (i.e. 4 olives, 4 truffles, 4 goat milk, 4 eggs) to turn in 1 completion.

*Trading in 1 completion earns 5 Favor.

*All 4 ingredients are giftable. However, only one ingredient is available each day. The ingredients rotate out every two days.

*All 4 ingredients are availableto be purchased in the market for 5 FarmCash, with each purchase buying a quantity of 5 for whichever ingredient you choose.

NOTE: Snag Bar is now updated to snag all our wedding cake needs. Way to go GU!

1) Wedding Cake - Cost 10 Favor
2) Spaghetti Sheep - Cost 20 Favor
3) Pig High Art - Cost 35 Favor
4) Apallo Butterfly - Cost 50 Favor
5) Bella Fountain - Cost 75 Favor
6) Leaning Tower - Cost 100 Favor

Wedding Status:
*Level 0 - 5 Sedate
*Level 10 - 20 Lively
*Level 25 - 45 Buzzing
*Level 50 - 95 Bouncing
*Level 100+ Rollicking
***To earn all prizes, a minimum of 58 completions is required. This translates into 232 of each item (olives, eggs, goat milk, truffles).

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Bob Wagstaff - Aug 06, 2010

The wedding tent is no longer available to get. To keep using it, you would have had to have kept the 1 tent they gave you in the beginning of this event. Although the wedding is over & the items are NOT giftable, you will continue to run into people who are sharing those items when they harvest their pigs, goats & olive trees. If you got rid of your tent like I did, you will no longer get the pop up to share when you yourself harvest these items. But those who still have tents seem to manage to share the good even at this time.

I too got sick of it & ditched it a long time ago. Although the tent was gorgeous, I wanted to get rid of some of the pop ups & junk in my gift box so I axed it. I am also sick to death of bee's & even sicker of those dayum jewels.

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