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Should the Snag Bar be available without Facebook connect?

by Amy Wong - Apr 21, 2010 Star_s1,838 views

OK, I'm getting maybe 10-15 emails today from people saying that their neighbors found out that they connected to this site using Facebook connect and are like "please take me off the list! my neighbors are mad!" or "I don't want to be associated with you!" (oh the drama!) I guess they are accused of being a cheater because their neighbors think they have the Snag Bar. I'm responding to them with the instructions on how to remove the app (when you connect to a site using Facebook connect, it's considered that you have added an 'app' NOT the 'toolbar' itself- a bit unintuitive) and also that they can add other nicer people from our add me page.

Also, there were some people who wrote me that "if I download the toolbar, I'll show up on that list, can you fix it so I won't show up?" I guess what she meant was she would download it if nobody ever finds out that she has it. LOL

Another thing is that people who are shown to have connected to this site, include people who came just to join the community, maybe just to chat, or to request gifts - maybe some who don't want to use the toolbar but want to join the community. If they feel uncomfortable vising our site because of these accusations, would it stop them from visiting this site altogether? The Snag Bar is one of the big sell of Gamers Unite! but it's not the ONLY thing here, we have lots of great tips and the latest scoops on many games and there is nothing more important than a good community for a site like this.

I personally hate giving in to the noisy minorities, but you now how those mobs can be. So I was thinking what if we made the Snag Bar available without doing the Facebook connect. This way, nobody can find out if you have the toolbar or not, it's more sneaky and more back stabbing lol but might also make people more comfortable visiting this site. (well some people might accuse others anyway)

Feel free to leave comments!

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Bebe Lee - Apr 22, 2010

@Next, I was the one investigating application settings last night. However, after reading the threats GU users received and these comments, I feel we should not change our application identity.

If someone chooses not to use Snag Bar for various reason, I respect that decision. But if someone accuses their neighbor of cheating just because he/she visits Gamers Unite for information, or force their point of view on their friend who feels justified to use Snag Bar, I call that a bully. I feel very strongly about this. Bullies are emotionally insecure people who walk over "weak" minded individuals for their own satisfaction. Passive approach such as hiding the information who use this site will NOT work because bullies are motivated by the knowledge that you won't actively respond to their threats. I totally agree with what Dena and Shelby said: don't let bullies bully us. We don't like to be bullied in real life. Why would we tolerate being bullied in Cyber Space?!? We should take a stronger stand and respond to these bullies on the forum, fan page, and other places on Facebook.

If you receive threats from someone who is not even your friend, you should report that person to Facebook for unwanted contact.

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