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Instructions on how to pre-plant crops for use on a Co-Op mission

by Alan Attebery - Apr 19, 2010 Star_s83,972 views

I know that instructions on how to pre-plant your crops for a Co-Op mission have been posted before in various threads, but I thought I would create a thread for it with a descriptive title to make it easier for people to find.

As you may have noticed on the Co-Op missions, Gold can be very hard to get. You generally only have enough time to plant one round of crops as the second round won't come due until just right after the Gold has been lost. This means you either have to have a lot of people who join right away or you have to try and plan ahead.

There are actually two ways to plan ahead. The first is to get a group of friends together, decide on which job you are going to do, have one person start it, and then everyone else join it. The problem is, FarmVille limits how many open jobs you can view at a time (the number is 10). Because of this, you may not necessarily see your friend's Co-Op mission. If this happens to enough people, then you may no longer be able to finish the job in time to get Gold.

Another way to plan ahead is to pre-plant your crops for a particular job. While the Co-Op missions won't allow you to harvest more crops than you planted after joining a mission, it doesn't keep track of how much time passes between planting and harvesting. And by following these instructions, you can harvest your crops twice in the amount of time you have to get the Gold aware.

1) Decide in advance how many sections to break your field into. Say you have 300 squares in your field. While you can harvest/plow/plant each individual square after you have joined a Co-Op, it will result in well over 1000 clicks of your mouse by the time you are done. Do you really have that kind of patience? Instead, break down your crops into 4, 5,or 6 sections. (more if you have a larger field and have the patience to go through all the clicks) Each section will need to have the same number of plots in them for this to work. For example, in my field of 300 crops, I have them broken into 6 sections of 50 plots each.

2) Plant the crops for the Co-Op mission you are going to join or start. Leave the last section empty.

3) When the crops have ripened, join or start a Co-Op that uses those crops. If joining a Co-Op, find one with plenty of Gold time left so you will have time to harvest your second round of crops.

4) Plant the crops being used in your Co-Op in the open section. NOTE: The Co-Op knows the difference between Tulips and Grapes. You cannot plant Grapes while in a Tulips Co-Op and then expect to be able to harvest the next section of Tulips and have it count.

5) Harvest the next section of crops. Make sure you do not harvest more crops than you just planted. If you just planted 50 crops, then only harvest 50 crops. The Co-Op will stop counting once you've harvested what you just planted.

6) Plow the recently harvested section and plant the same crops.

7) Repeat steps 5 and 6 until your whole field has been harvested. Do go ahead and plant the same crops in that last section, as the Co-Op system will remember this when you go to harvest the next round.

8) When harvest time comes again, repeat steps 5 and 6 until all your crops are done. Again, make sure to plant the same crops you are harvesting because the Co-Op system won't count the crops unless you do.

9) Once the Co-Op mission is done, you can either join another Co-Op of the same type or harvest your field and pre-plant a new crop.

There are a couple of limitations you must be aware of if you use this method. First, the Co-Op system will not know how many crops have been planted. This is because you are harvesting almost all of what you planted as you go. This can make it seem like your Co-Op is going to fail, but if you know how many crops you already planted, then you will be fine.

Also, once a Co-Op mission is done, you will be left with a field of crops. You will either have to join another Co-Op of the same type (or one that uses the same crop) or harvest the crops once they have ripened and then start on a new type of crop.

Finally, for Co-Op missions where day-long crops are being used, the pre-plan method can actually help you to harvest three times before the Gold expires. Unlike the crops that take 4 or 8 or any other specific number of hours to ripen, crops that take 1 - 4 days aren't actually set on a full 24-hour clock. They will actually ripen a little early. So if you pre-plant Grapes, Tulips, or another day-long crop, log back into your farm about 23 hours after you planted them. See how far along percentage-wise the crop is. Then check back 15 minutes later and 15 minutes again after that. Once you hit 98 or 99%,then just wait on your farm until they harvest. Go through the steps above and check again about 23 hours later. If you do this, you can harvest three during the Gold level (I have done this before so I know it will work).

The steps may seem confusing, but you will quickly understand once you do it yourself. Good luck.

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Stephanie Pruitte - Aug 15, 2010

this was very helpful thank you so much

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