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Is your Giftbox always full? Here is the solution.

by Alan Attebery - Apr 23, 2010 Star_s2,335 views

Gamers Unite! has over 168,000 monthly users. This week alone, all 168,000 of them, plus their mothers, their second cousins, and their Aunt-OH-GEEZ-DOES-SHE-REALLY-HAVE-TO-DESCRIBE-HER-GOUT-CONDITION-IN-SO-MUCH-DETAIL-AT-THE-DINNER-TABLE-Edna have posted complaints about their Giftbox being full.

So to prevent the Gamers Unite! Staff from going insane, again, I present to you this thread.

1) My Giftbox is so full of Farmhands, Arborists, Puppy Kibble, and Dog Treats, I keep hitting the 50-item limit. What can I do?

If you already find yourself in this situation, you only have one of two choices.

Your first choice is to run back to your computer every 5 minutes, log into your farm, and empty out the items you just collected from your Giftbox all while desperately praying to the "Green Acres" pig, Arnold Ziffel, that you don't receive any more Farmhands, Arborists, Puppy Kibble, and Dog Treats.

Your second choice will be frustrating, but it's really the only way: Sell all the extra Farmhands, Arborists, Puppy Kibble, and Dog Treats. No, you won't receive any money for any of these items. But keeping them means you aren't collecting items that you can sell, and that is costing you an arm and a leg.

My recommendation is to keep no more than 5 each of the Farmhands and Arborists in your Giftbox. While you can't request these items from your neighbors, they are fairly easy to snag right now. If that changes down the road, you can adjust your strategy then.

As for the Puppy Kibble and Dog Treats, keep only one of each item in your Giftbox for each puppy and dog you have on your farm. If your puppy hasn't turned into a dog yet, then there is no need to have Dog Treats. If all your puppies have turned into dogs, then there is no reason to have Puppy Kibble. And since both of these items can be replenished with a simple gift request, you will be able to keep Fido fat and happy.

2) I've done as you said and reduced those items. How do I keep my Giftbox from filling up with them again?

Simple: Use the tools FarmVille has provided to store these items in other places.

Farmhands and Arborists
If you are at your self-imposed maximum for these items, avoid snagging them in the first place. If using the Snag Bar, go to your Toolbar Preferences page and uncheck the Stable Consumables box. If you manually snag items, then do not click on any reward posts that has the Farmhand or Arborist image in them.

If you snag or redeem any of the Spring Basket Mystery Eggs, don't open them. Instead, find a place on your farm where you can store these until you need them. You can store a large number of these eggs in a fairly small area, so the impact to your farm should be minimal, if at all.

When you've used a Farmhand and Arborist, and are below your self-imposed maximum limit, you can start trying to snag them again. Once you have snagged what you needed, stop snagging them again. If in the process you end up with too many of one or the other, sell the excess until you are back at your maximum limit.

If the time comes that you have run completely out of Arborists and have been unable to snag one, then start opening those Mystery Eggs you are storing on your farm. Only open them one at a time until you've gotten a Arborist. Once that happens, do not open any more. Instead, start trying to snag it again. If you still haven't gotten one the next time you need it, then you can start opening more Mystery Eggs.

Puppy Kibble and Dog Treats
Currently, the only way to get these items is to have them gifted to you or to buy them. If you are desperate enough that you have to buy them, then only but the exact amount you need that day. There is no reason to EVER buy more than what you need that day.

For kibble and treats gifted to you, leave them on your Gift Requests page until you need them. All items gifted to you can remain on your Gift Requests page for 2 - 3 weeks before you lose them, so there is no rush. Each day, accept only the exact amount you need to get through the day. You will want to accept the oldest gift first, which will usually be at the bottom of the gift list. And if the time comes where you have no more kibble or treats, simply request more from your neighbors.

3) What about other FarmVille items? Should I keep them in my Giftbox?

When reading my answer below, please imagine me standing on a 3-foot high pedestal with 200 megaphones all turned on and attached together.


Sorry about blowing out your eardrums, but I needed to make sure I was heard.

I know some people will will take offense and start posting their reasons as to why they absolutely, positively, without-a-shadow-of-a-doubt must keep other items in their Giftbox. Hey, if you are someone who is able to manage their Giftbox without going over the 50-Item Limit or coming here to cry about how you don't have enough room, then your reason is fine with me no matter what it is.

If, however, you are unable to keep your Giftbox below the limit, then I will rebuke any and every reason you give for keeping anything else in there. Instead, use the techniques posted above (adapt them for the item you are using) as well as your farms storage capabilities (you can store up to 100 items assuming you have the right number of barns and sheds) to manage any extra items you are saving.

4) I've sold, placed and/or stored all my excess Giftbox items and have implemented controls to keep the number of these items in my Giftbox manageable. in the future. Now, how do I get back those rewards and gifts I lost because my Giftbox was full?

You don't. It seems no matter how often we emphasize this point, people aren't getting the message: ANY REWARD OR GIFT YOU COLLECT WHEN YOUR GIFTBOX IS FULL WILL BE LOST FOREVER! There are no do-overs or take-backs. There is no DeLorean DMC-12 that can be modified to go back in time. And the space-time continuum is strong enough to prevent any manipulation you might try to do to it. So implement the above strategies, use common-sense for any new situations that might occur, and keep an eye on how many items you've snagged since you last cleaned out your Giftbox. If you do that, you should be good to go.

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Bebe Lee - Apr 24, 2010

@Sam, we are going to add more options to Snag Bar to let you specify what to snag very soon. Will keep you posted.

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