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Official Out-Of-Sync Issues thread

by Alan Attebery - Aug 16, 2010 Star_s26,499 views

As has been made abundently clear from the hundreds of posts being left on our FarmVille Discussion Board, people are experiencing out-of-sync issues with FarmVille left and right. It's frustrating to get one of these messages, especially when you've spent an hour trying and trying and trying to get the game to do what you want it to do.

Because the current out-of-sync issues are clogging the FarmVille Discussion Board to the extent that little else can be done on it, I am creating this thread to serve as an all-encompassing FarmVille OOS issue thread. Feel free to share your OOS issues with other Gamers Unite! members, many of whom will likely tell you they have had the same problem.

If you have discovered a solution that might help some members with their OOS issues, then please feel free to post it in this thread as well. If a solution proves to help a large number of people, one of the GU! staff members will either add the solution to this post or create a sticky reply in this thread.

As a reminder, Gamers Unite! is not affiliated with FarmVille. Zynga is solely responsible for the coding they put into the game and, as such, are the only ones who can permanently fix the problems. Sadly, Zynga sometimes has issues with admitting their is a problem in the first place. If you are experiencing severe out-of-sync issues, we encourage you to contact Zynga Support and let them know. Make sure to give them as much information as possible using complete sentences with proper punctuation. If enough people complain, they will look into it.


Update (3:32 PM CDT on August 17, 2010): Dianne Short Lunn mentioned in a reply that running the Snag Bar while in her farm seem to cause more OOS issues. While the Snag Bar doesn't directly affect you accessing your farm, the potential bandwidth it could use when it checks for new FarmVille posts every 60 seconds could disrupt an already shaky connection between your browser and your farm. We've always recommended that you not run the Snag Bar while accessing your farm anyway, but this gives you yet another reason not to do so.


Update (8:03 Pm CDT on August 18, 2010):

Paula Ezell Worsley left the following message in this thread:

"For anyone who is having OOS Problems while trying to use the 100 XP or Fuel items in giftbox, there is a way to fix it, but you wont be happy. I recently had the same problem.. Had saved a large number of the XP to use at once for leveling up. When I was ready to use them, low and behold .... Out of Sync, Please refresh your farm.. I have called Zynga twice concerning this issue as well as stables not producing, to no avail of course.
Then I noticed that anything acquired over that number of items could be safely used with no OOS messages. After waiting 3 weeks for zynga to make their promised repairs, frustrated, I sold all items causing OOS errors.. Now my giftbox items work fine. If you are tired of OOS, sell the problem. Sure you will lose the items, but in the long run it saves headaches and frustrations over constantly having to refresh your farm and possibly losing items. It's up to you to decide if the loss is worth the reward, lol."
G'luck guys.

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Beth Hill - Aug 21, 2010

I've stopped using the snag bar while on my farm and it has cut way down on the OOS issues. Had to sell off the 100xp and its working well

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