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Which Snag Bar feature should we work on next?

by Chao Lam - Mar 16, 2010 Star_s26,540 views

Update Mar 30: For new folks coming in, you can get the Snag Bar by clicking here

Update Mar 23: We're almost ready (within a day!) to launch our new more accurate Snag Bar. It's going to be a beta test. We're looking for active users who will give us lots of feedback. So, we're looking for users who have 5 or more friends on Gamers Unite! You can find out how many friends you have at - start inviting your friends now!

Hey Folks - thanks to your support the Farmville Snag Bar is off to a great start! But it's just a start - we've heard so many ideas from all of you, on how to make it better.

So, below is a list of features we are considering. We want you to let us know which ones appeal to you the most. Just click "like" on the ones you like - it will help us prioritize our work.

Also, feel free to add other features you'll like to see and perhaps other folks will vote on those too.

Vote on! :)

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Chao Lam - Mar 16, 2010

#4 A stream or report of all the items we've snagged for you, including who posted the item (so that you can thank them), what the item is and when it was snagged

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