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Farmville care package link (3 FV Cash, 1 Unwither, 1 Fuel)

by Bebe Lee - Apr 16, 2010 Star_s37,271 views

You can only claim it once. Thanks to Lijan for passing me the link. You can find out more details in this post.

Update (4/16 @ 3:00 PM PDT): I'd like to highlight some of the important comments made in this thread in case you don't have a chance to scroll down and read all of them:

From Alan Attebery:
The Care Package is a once-in-a-lifetime thing only. So unless you intend to die and be reincarnated as another FarmVille player, you are not going to get a second one.

From Viet Tran:
Also the link is an OFFICIAL Facebook app link for Farmville, meaning it is not malicious content! You can tell by the main address portion of the link which is ""

From Anna Weir:
i found the link to send to your neighbours:

Update (4/17 12:40am PDT). Thanks Viet for updates on the source of the package:
UPDATE:Care Package/Stimulus Package/Bonus Package

Update by Alan (11:53 PM CDT on 4/23/2010): A new Care Package has been released using the same URL code as the old one. This is also a one-time-only redemption. For more information, please visit the New care package - 3 FV cash and other prizes (4/23/2010) thread on the forum.

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Anna Kozynenko - Apr 25, 2010

People, the trick is that 23 of april the NEW care package was published, which used THE SAME LINK as the old one.

So u dont really get the same one TWICE, u get TWO DIFFERENT ONES, for which u are perfectly eligible, like any other person.

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