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Wow, 45,044 people tricked into another bogus group!

by Amy Wong - Apr 25, 2010 Star_s742 views

Just got a "your friend suggested you to join 'Claim Your Limited Edition Farmville Black Stallion Now'" message. Usually I ignore these right away, but this friend rarely sends these suggestions AND also since Zynga has it's own Cow and Sheep pages that I initially thought were bogus :D I went to check it out just in case. Man, these pages are getting more and more cunning! So, when I clicked on the page, I saw this:

You see somebody leaving this comment?

I almost believed it because of this comment!! But you know what? These comments are not just fake (like fake profile leaving fake comments) THE WHOLE THING is just fake HTML! They just coded the page to look EXACTLY like facebook - I believe they are using another app that lets you write HTML, and they copied the look and feel of Facebook almost entirely!

But to think about it, it is weird that the comment box is just floating there on the right, when those are usually placed on the bottom of the page. So when you look at it very carefully you know something is not right. Also, there is only 5 comments there and if you try to use the comment box it says

AND YES, this is fake too!!!

And there is no way on the page to write your comment or reviews so many people are just helplessly following the steps and inviting people like crazy.

But I gotta admit, this is probably the state-of-the-art bogus group LOL I just wonder, what is the point in making these bogus group and having lots of people join (because I don't join these) do they eventually spam people by posting something on their wall?

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Bebe Lee - Apr 25, 2010

That's FB's fault not enforcing a discussion or feedback tab on these group pages.

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