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Snag Bar Sneak Preview: more accurate reporting

by Kixie Lam-Jek - Apr 03, 2010 Star_s27,065 views

OK, we know from feedback, the snag bar has been reporting stuff snagged that hasn't really been snagged, especially lonely pets.

A lot of the times, it's because we thought we snagged something that we were actually too late in snagging, or there was a FV bug that resulted in a non-snag.

We've thought hard about the issue, and BeBe had what we think is a cool idea of just reporting what FV reports back when you usually make a snag manually.

So, if you got 50 coins from a Yellow ribbon celebration, we'll report it e.g.

Once in a while, especially for lonely pets, FV doesn't report anything and we don't know if we snagged the item. We will soon report it like this:

What do think? We hope this will make snagging even friendlier!

If all goes well, this will be rolled out in the next few days. Happy Easter!

Update: We're starting to roll this out! Let us know what your experience is like and if there are any glitches!

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Matthew Sherman - Apr 26, 2010

Yes i would also like to see this in Google chrome, chrome loads farmville 10x faster, and it probably more reliable than Firefox and may take the bugs away. should try to get this to work with chrome.

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