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Not snagging anything? No posts showing on your feeds?

by Chao Lam - Aug 28, 2010 Star_s15,334 views

[Update Aug 28 noon PDT]: please see the sticky reply below. It's likely a Facebook bug]

We've been getting a small increase in number of users with Snag Bar issues. 

Looking at the debug output members have sent, it seems like they do not see any FarmVille bonus posts (not photo posts) on their feed or via GU! feed checker either.

[rest of initial post deleted... to prevent confusion from later findings]

Here's what we know Aug 29 2010:

  • We believe there's a bug in Facebook affecting querying of Facebook feeds. The bug has been reported and Facebook is responding to it.
  • This bug only happens for some users, which is why some users see the problem, others don't
  • This bug affects all Facebook apps (e.g. too). It is not specific to GU!
  • This is a Facebook server problem, it is not browser-specific
  • As this is a Facebook problem, we need Facebook to fix it. Vote up the bug and sit tight.
  • When voting up the bug, it may be helpful to report your Facebook ID (found by clicking "profile" on the top right of the page). This is, of course, optional, but it could help Facebook figure out why this is affecting only your accounts and not others.
Update Sep 1 2010:
Facebook seems to have fixed this. Most folks are reporting things as normal now.


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Merisha Duty Harvey - Sep 01, 2010

Mine is now working!'re right..don't realize what ya got till it is gone! Thanks so much Chao and thanks to everyone who voted on the bug.

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