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is there a trick to posting animals

by Donna Jones - Sep 17, 2010 Star_s327 views

I am at a loss with adoptions..cant seem to find any to adopt let alone post and when I do it is the same ole animals..does anyone else have this problem...so frustrating!

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Erin O'Brien - Sep 18, 2010

I've found that if you find an animal to adopt, you will quickly get an animal that needs adopting. For instance, let's say a friend asks people to adopt a sloth. You adopt it within the hour and about a minute later, a notice for a goldfinch that needs adopting appears. I've watched the feed for adoptions waaaay too long for that damned Noah's Ark quest lol. A couple of people on my neighbors feed and myself have gone back and forth adopting and posting adoptions for a good 10-20 animals at a time.

Bottom line? Sounds like you need to add more neighbors that actively/obsessively play haha. I'd go about doing it thru gamers unite, and keep the Zoo World feed up.

Good luck! :)

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