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Sick baby can't be healed!!

by Susan E Smith - Sep 15, 2010 Star_s73 views

I bred a Purple Galinulles (one of the ice cream animals) It hatched right away & was sick.  I gave it a vitamin & it said it was hungry & then it was sick again.  I went through 7 vitamins & then it said to pay $817,000 + to heal it.  I paid multiple times & still have a sick bird.  There is a bug in the system!!!  What can I do?

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Michaela Moss - Sep 20, 2010

The same happened to me but I used all mine vitamins ( 21 in total) and then paid around 20 millions untill I ran out of money and still nothing - the baby was still sick. When I returned the next morning I had a pop up saying that there was a problem and that the animal was put into ZOO...but never got back any of my vitamins or money...

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