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Vent Thread! Post your slow/lost connection/loading Issues, lost buildings or any other gripe or solution.

by Barbara D'Angelo - Sep 07, 2010 Star_s10,094 views

We've got lots of separate posts on the above problems so let's try to put'em all here on one thread so you can find what people are doing for such problems without searching for hours.

As has been made abundently clear from the hundreds of posts being left on our Frontierville Discussion Board, people are experiencing those Blasted internet conection problems with Frontierville left and right. It's frustrating to get one of these messages, especially when you've just recieved a special collection item or finished harvestin only to have to start over again.

We are creating this thread to serve as an all-encompassing Frontierville issue thread. Feel free to share your issues with other Gamers Unite! members, many of whom will likely tell you they have had the same problem.

If you have discovered a solution that might help some members with their issues, then please feel free to post it in this thread as well. If a solution proves to help a large number of people, one of the GU! staff members will either add the solution to this post or create a sticky reply in this thread.

As a reminder, Gamers Unite! is not affiliated with Frontierville. Zynga is solely responsible for the coding they put into the game and, as such, are the only ones who can permanently fix the problems. Sadly, Zynga sometimes has issues with admitting their is a problem in the first place. If you are experiencing internet connection issues, we encourage you to contact Zynga Support and let them know. Make sure to give them as much information as possible using complete sentences with proper punctuation. If enough people complain, they will look into it.

new threads on this subject will be deleted if outside the sticky so don't be alarmed! :)



Email Zynga customer support, that should always be step 1.  Gamers Unite! is not affiliated in any way with Zynga so while members can offer possible solutions, its always best to open a ticket with Zynga.

Many players have a large amount of animals on their homestead which causes major lag, try hiding your animals, see here:

No Avatars on Homestaed!  Some people are having this issue some have solved it by:
- visit Jack's homestead
- wait until its fully loaded
- after it had loaded click the home icon (don't tend or harvest)
hopefully this will resolve your problem, if you have other possible solutions, please post.

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Nina Edminson - Sep 26, 2010

I've achieved the last medal for harvesting 5 times and every time it levels me up it loses connection and I have to start again - even if I manage to continue working and leave my homstead, whne I go back I'm back to the previous level again

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