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by Paula Ezell Worsley - Oct 12, 2010 Star_s20,816 views

10/13/2010 @ 2:36 am CST
Ok guys I found a confirmation of release date on the buckets!!!!!  According to Zynga the bucket will be released at some point with todays update ( WEDNESDAY).. Please see Grimwell's post on the following thread for confirmation of this statement
Zynga has requested for anyone who has lost items due to the candy bug that has been eating them, to report it in the following thread.
 They are asking for items lost during the dates of 10/11/2010-10/18/2010
Before posting in this thread about an item that has disappeared, please make sure to clear your cache. Steps on how to do this can be found HERE.
Remember to follow the steps and suggestions in our troubleshooting thread (seen here: before posting to the Bug Reporting forum.
When posting a bug, please remember to follow the steps outlined in our Proper Bug Reporting post.
Post Title: A one line description of the issue.
 Explanation: Clear and descriptive steps explaining what you are seeing.
 Screenshots: When possible include a screenshot of the issue.
Hope this will help you in your recovery process
***** Update*****
Viet has offered some information concerning the possible cause of this latest hi-jacking of our hard earned items from our giftboxes. If you would like to read his post please follow this link..
************* UPDATED 10/12/2010****************
I have received reports from several neighbors on how to obtain your lost items... Here is what they have said worked to get their items back.
1.) Go to snagbar preferences and uncheck candy (turn it off)
2.) Load your farm and sell all in your giftbox.
3.) Refresh your farm (f5 will auto refresh).
4.) All items that went missing will be in your giftbox again.
I have not personally tested this fix, as I have not lost my items.. but if someone tries please respond here with the results so others may know for sure that it does work. Several Neighbors have had positive results with this Fix.. G'luck Guys n Gals and happy farming!!
10/12/10 @ 7:30 pm CST
Okies everyone this is the conclusion we are coming to, technically you havent lost items, they are just hidden from view due to so many pieces of candy ... is this fact? NO, just an educated guess by several of us. I mean after all, if you can delete candy from your giftbox and certain items return, doesnt it stand to say they were there all along? 
We all know Zynga is the world's worst when it comes to updates, so this appears to be a glitch of the fix. (Typical in their realm).
 I am not saying that deleting what you do have will return EVERYTHING you lost... but you DO get items back. 
From all i have seen concerning this, you won't get eggs back.. (Sorry guys lost cause there apparently)
 Some report getting animals back, while others do not.You DO get back your Mastery Signs, Shovels, Arborists and Farmhands, and several other categories of REGULAR ITEMS. 
Once again, Mystery Eggs and Mystery Gifts were NEVER included in their patch to begin with, so these items will more than likely be lost. This Fix is for the items listed above.

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Vivienne Keeler - Oct 13, 2010

I tried the Sell All fix, posted above. Wish I hadn't done it. I don't recommend it. I lost my SHOVELS, NAILS, BOARDS, BRICKS, FARM ANIMALS, HALLOWEEN CANDY AND MYSTERY EGGS. I had lost dozens of Mystery Eggs & Special Gifts yesterday. One of each type of Mystery Egg reappeared this morning, but no Special Gifts. All in All I lost 513 gifts. I have become VERY disappointed with FarmVille and intend to Boycott them until such time that they Get Their Game Together.

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