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New Snagged Halloween Spooktify Trick feature how it works and where to find it after collected Info Here

by April Evans - Oct 22, 2010 Star_s11,609 views

The snag bar is snagging the new farmville spooktify feature from your Fv neighbors it looks like a spider web....but it does not go to your gift box it goes straight to the items you can make spooky
When someone visits your farm it will give you an option to "share" a free spooky effect thats what the snag bar is snagging......
To check if you have any that you have collected go to your animals or trees and click on them like you are going to move them then it will say "spooktify" there just click that it will change your animals to ghost or trees to webbed If you see you are snagging the new spooky effect but not seeing where it went it gos straight to the items on your farm just click something and see if you got the "spoktify" option on it I had 10 earlier then later i collected more and could not figure out where they where going so I hope this helps ppl out that may be wondering about it also : )

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Shirley Segal - Oct 25, 2010

thanks for the tip! I wondered why when I logged on it said I had over a spooky effects to use. my farm is now all webbed and hidden

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