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Looking 4 feedback about new, more accurate Snag Bar

by Gail Schauf - Mar 30, 2010 Star_s445 views

Update: Snag Bar is available to all by going here

Slowly rolling this out to *all* Snag Bar users over the next two days! But if you want to give it a try immediately, go to above page

And you should automatically be updated with the new toolbar (you know you're updated if the toolbar has an asterisk just above the preferences icon):

The new toolbar is a lot more accurate because their using official Facebook APIs and you'll have to give them permission to read your wall.

Added a lot of changes, so there are probably bugs - please let them know what isn't working.

Replies (35)

Tabea Münz - May 17, 2010

Hi, I'm also pretty new here and like the Snag Bar very much!
I have some suggestions:
This message-box which slowly appears from the bottom left: I think it would be much better when it just would pop up instead of slowly appearing. It often takes long time until I can read the message therein and it also makes the game slow.
The item-conter in the Snag Bar: I can't set the number back to zero, it's now over 1000 and still counts from the moment I had installed the snag bar. I can reset the number on the preferences tab but not the number in the snag bar.
The best in my opinion would be
1) if this either would count the items which go into my gift-box and additional all other things like coin-bonuses (= 2 different numbers) or only count the items which fill the gift-box.
2) This number is very small - too small for my eyes (meanwhile). I always have to use a magnifying glass (no joke) to read it. Isn't it possible to make it (them) bigger?
3) And how 'bout the possibility to set this number (especially in relation to suggestion #1) to the number of gifts which I still have in my gift-box? So it would be possible to see when the number is on 50 = gift-box full.

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