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Attention Breeders.. New Game Settings for Stables and Coops. UPDATE 11/10/10

by Paula Ezell Worsley - Nov 05, 2010 Star_s37,009 views

~*~Update 11/10/2010~*~ Well, seems we are having problems once again. Although the stables are still producing foals, the coop is back to the same problem as before, one harvest per 24 hrs.  Get your keyboards ready guys and lets flood Zynga once again. You can email them at
[email protected]
Latest Update*** According to Zynga, the OOS error when breeding has been fixed. The changes made by zynga are rather simple. Instead of the first horse that goes in making the stable "ready", it is now determined by the last horse placed in stable. As long as the last horse placed is 34% ready or higher, it will automatically create a ready to harvest stable.
Ok, so it seems that not only did they give us all new items tonight with the update; but they also slipped a belated trick in on us. Now all buildings are on the same 24 hr time link that the dairy barn is on. For those of you not familiar with what this means....
Now instead of being able to create multiple foals or eggs per day by various means, you are allowed to collect one in a 24 hr period. So looks like things will be slowing down on the farm for winter, eh? 
 ***** Update *****
Seems enough people went to the big Z* today and complained. What have they done to address the issue? Status on the stables has been changed to Under Investigation.  You can find their acknowledgement here:

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Paula Ezell Worsley - Nov 10, 2010

Jacob, the breeding procedure is listed in the updated section.

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