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Not Able to harvest Animal trough

by Tammy Wolf - Nov 11, 2010 Star_s315 views

I get an out of sync error everytime I try to harvest my trough.  Anyone else with this problem?

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Yes I am!! Went to chatbox but no help there........ yesterday was snag bar..planted EXPENSIVE columbines (340) each at 630 and 830...harvested the 630 ones 4 hours later....the 830 ones were suppose to be good for 4 hours.....6 before weithering.....i got to them at 2pm all DEAD!! They were suppose to be good till I have lost ALL of feeder wont open goes out of sync when i click on it. Snag bar is scrolling but I dont see anyting. I deleted game bar and reinstalled it after windows update still having major problems with it. I have gone to the G and restored the defaults. Anyone got any ideas or just be patient and they will fix feeder??

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