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by Stephanie Mills Smith - Jun 10, 2010 Star_s1,121 views

does anyone know why teh nursery steals foals and calves? i have lost 2 a tuscan calf and an appaloosa foal

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Lisa Mitchell - Nov 19, 2010


Yes they have been stealing them and this happened to me recently. I had 40 and none were showing up as grown and they started missing. Its ok for me though because I don't put my premium foals or calves in there anymore. After I lost barns with premium animals I stopped putting anything of worth in the barns. When the premium foals grow up they just become either a black, brown, cream or gray horse usually depending on what you put in but you want get another premium horse back anymore. They calves are about the same. Once in a while you may get something but its probably unlikely unless there is a glitch. There is something going on with the barns though I do know this because mine keeps showing less and I am not harvesting them. Write Zinga and tell them of your losses. If I lose another I will be writing them again. Good luck

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