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If Your Snag Bar Does Not Load Preferences Page

by Bebe Lee - May 01, 2010 Star_s24,187 views

If you have problem getting to your Preferences and Snagged Items page and keep getting the loading box "Checking to see if toolbar is installed" with a greyed out screen behind it. Please give the following solution a try. I've the same problem with my IE browser and this solution worked out for me! Thanks Jason Vogler!

Also, please check your computer clock and make sure it is set to the correct date, time and time zone.


Note from Alan (2:00 PM CDT on May 6, 2010):

The Facebook glitch that was causing our Toolbar Preferences page not to load has, mostly, been resolved. If you are having problems with your Snag Bar, please visit the Answers to "Where are my snagged items?" and other Snag Bar Questions thread and read through the information posted.

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FarmerintheDell Butler - May 20, 2010

yea thought it was just my computer. I`m getting the same thing. I even un/reinstalled and it still won`t work when I click on it.
I`m sorry that the problem seems to be with the bar and not my PC because unlike the great minds that came up with this Snag bar idea, I know little to nothing about repairing a computer so thanks and hope it does`nt give you too much of a headache.

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