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Brave the scary forest of Ravenwood to create a charming fair full of fun rides, tasty treats, and majestic buildings!


Advancing thru Ravenwood Fair

by Kat Burtick - Nov 20, 2010 Star_s3,963 views

Does anyone know....
1.  Will we be able to expand our fair, and if so at what level?
2.  What do we do with the left over items, such as candy skulls and candy corn from Halloween, and now items remaining from Thanksgiving and the Wedding.  Can they be sold?
3.  The WONDERS - what are these supposed to do for your fair?  When I first started playing, I clicked the Den of Panthers in Huggins Fair, and wasn't impressed.  I also clicked the Well of Vitalin, hoping to receive some, but that was not the case.  I have the Party Parthenon in my fair, and every 8 hours I can click it and get prairie dogs that are supposed to spend lots of cash - I earn on the average 30 coins when I activate the Prairie Dogs.  What's up with these???
My fair is level 21 and I haven't had any "quests" for at least a week, if not longer.  Any feedback on this?  Also, why are there such huge jumps in XP points once you reach level 19.  It took forever to reach level 20, hoping something "magical" would happen.  Of course, dissapointment.  I have to earn another 125,000 XP points to level up with no incentive. 
Don't get me wrong, I love the game but come on -- did they introduce it too soon and not look at what the next steps as players really start getting involved????
Any comments, suggestions, feedback will be appreciated.

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Katie Waite - Nov 21, 2010

What does the prarie dog do exactly? I clicked it.. but then what?

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